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Let the riders pay the fee instead of subsidizing again!

I get sick and tired of government reaching into my pocket to pay for other peoples services. The fair way to to cover the revenues is to have the people who use it pay for it. If WAVE riders don't want the expenses of automobile ownership, they need to pay for the bus rides. I already pay for my vehicle licences, my vehicle taxes, my vehicle insurance, vehilce maintenance, vehicle fuel, etc. These fees are already off the scale and add up to a substantial amount of money in the end. Now they want ME and the other responsible taxpayers of the county to foot the bill and provide transportation for the rest.

If the WAVE riders, "...don't like that idea because it would hit them hard." That's just too damned bad! Get off your duff and at least earn your bus fare!

Everybody want's something for nothing! The very reason Obama got elected to screw this country up.


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