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You get one, simple, concise answer!

I paid over $25,000.00 in taxes last year, not including the hidden ones that most people forget about! I paid 40 dollars to have my car inspected last week, another $26.00 to get the registration renewed. I paid $1000.00 for insurance of which part is for uninsured motorists (illegal hispanics), 2000.00 for fuel and road tax, 1000.00 for tires that included the excise tax and tire disposal tax. I can go even further to explain the taxes I pay to own a home and take care of it.

Bottom line is that I well over pay my way in taxes to use the beat up roads in this county and I continue to pay taxes for other peoples children to go to public school!

No! How the system IS working is the "don't give a damn, lazy bums" that refuse to get off their fat duffs and work are still waiting with their hands out for more and more government entitlements and subsidies! THAT is how the system works and I tend to believe you are in that category! Myself and the rest of the law abiding tax payers are fed up with it and the lazy, non-contributing, whiner leeches that just grasp for more!


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