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You want solutions?

Fix the route system so it's more intelligent than the "2 year old child drew a picture on the map and it became the current route system" garbage that we have now! If it were more intelligent, more people would want to ride. More... riders, more money. Wow! No expert advice required!

Looking at the Wavetransit map:
one can see that the relative "center" would be somewhere around Independance Mall and Wrightsville Ave. .

THAT is where the Central Transfer point should be. ... Not Downtown. Not Target. The redunancy of some of these routes, even in part, make no intelligent sense whatsoever.

The "we have a good ridership" attitude is rediculous. The ridership could have been far better long ago, before this "new" system had been put into place, had the route system been IMPROVED instead of fouled up all the more.

True that rumors are that Independance Mall/Westfield Mall doesn't really want Wave Transit out there at all. If anyone knows for certain otherwise, feel free to share. The inner loop WOULD be a great tool for busses leaving a central point. But if they don't want them there (which might explain why the bus stop points were moved from right at the Mall to the outer edge), fine. There are other locations that might easily work. Hanover Center is one example.

There are several functional designs used throughout the country for bus route systems. One is the "string" pattern. Following an outbound route, then, as much as possible, returning along the exact same line, with stops on the opposite side of the street. This, however, requires a great many routes to be developed for sufficient coverage. A "daisy" route system would have busses leaving from a central point, going out to a certain point, and looping back, returning to the central point, only to continue further in the "opposite" direction, creating another loop. In some cases, a second bus follows the figure eights in the opposite direction, or operating on the opposite end of the eight at the same time.

There are others, of course, depending on the location, the unity with other city bus routes, and how far out they travel.

Additionally, funds can't be hurt by an Express bus to and from Wilmington International Airport. Why one does not already exist, one can only speculate. Bus 207 already goes close, stopping at or near the Dept. of Corrections on Division Dr. Someone with not much baggage could get off there and walk a good 20-30 minutes and be at the airport. Of course, it only runs Monday - Friday. But why a bus hasn't been going to and from the airport already, one can only imagine. Adding Downtown as a stop on the Express route isn't beyond understanding either. Especially something that runs on the weekend as well.

Indeed, Express bus service to other major nearby cities offers potential. There are a few, but their hours of operation are shorter. Working outside the city is not so easy for those limited to riding the bus for long distance transportation. Even an Express running to Jacksonville and back shouldn't be ignored. Though, really, we need to fix the problems in town before we consider expanding outward.

This is a "major" city in NC. It is one of the main cities called on when referring to the East Coast. It should not have so low quality of a service as Wave Transit offers. We need better. MUCH better.

It isn't a higher tax or bus fare that is needed. It's a more intelligently run system.

Those currently using the system, contrary to the lies, deceit, bigotry, ignorance, and immorality of those making the false claims, are NOT only welfare, unemployed, or bums who don't want to work. They are individuals who DO work, work for low paying jobs that you higher than mighty, holier than thou bums are too lazy to do. They are individuals who have lost their jobs by being laid off and unable to find new jobs for a variety of reasons. They individuals who are disabled and unable to drive for a variety of reasons. They are individuals who find mass transit, ones run intelligently anyway, better than paying for gas, insurance, and repeated maintenance. And with a more intelligently run and designed system, many others could make use of the service. Many stopped because the route change that happened a few years ago presented a more inaccessible option. Others left when the fare rates went up during the high gas prices and did not go back down when the gas prices went down.

I realize that the higher than mighty, holier than thou crowd are too out of touch with reality to understand the issues because their greedy, hate filled ideals can't discern between fiction and reality, but intelligent individuals can see that there ARE better solutions that are available. Solutions that don't involve eliminating a much need service to a large segment of the population. If these individuals are so unimportant in your eyes, even when they do the low paying jobs that you are too lazy to do, then how about you not do business with those businesses? Instead of eating out, stop being a lazy bum and cook at home. In fact, instead of going to the grocery store where low paid employees provide you with the food you cook, how about YOU make everything from scratch. Grow the food. Make your own bread. You're better than them, right? No, I don't respect individuals like you. And I wouldn't want respect from individuals like you either.


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