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It's also how the system eventually collapses

We saw it in the Soviet Union. We are seeing it more every day in Europe. You cannot keep heaping increased taxation upon the successful, productive members of society for the sake of shielding the lower class from the life they SHOULD be facing based upon economic reality.

There is no reason why the 95% of county residents who don't ride WAVE should have to face increased taxes to subsidize the 5% of county residents who do ride. (That's on occasion. Daily ridership is less.)

Every government endeavor beyond essential services should be self-funded and self-sufficient. I don't care if you're talking about national parks, libraries, education or WAVE, far too many people DON'T use the facilities and therefore it should be supported by user fees and fares. We don't need our own little red-ink geyser, an Amtrack of our own, called WAVE. If it can't be self-sufficient we don't need it at all.

At a time when our nation faces the highest raw debt it has ever faced, forty-eight percent of this country pays no income tax. So what is Obama's solution to this problem? Raise taxes on the wealthy. Of course the top ten percent of earners pay over seventy percent of the individual income taxes already, but why would that bother a Marxist?

Barfield and Padgett are cut from the same olive-drab, Mao-green bolt of cloth as Obama. Steal from the rich to give to the poor.

Guess what? It's STILL stealing....and it's eventually going to bankrupt this nation.


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