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Oil is not going to be around forever.

This comment posted ahead,is coming from someone, who already has everything. It's not Wave or the riders faught, that you've bitten off more debt you can chew. Not everyone that rides the bus is on government assistance.Many of us have a job, some of us have more than two. I have a vehicle, I pay taxes, and I like to ride the bus from time to time. It helps save fuel, the environment, and wear on my personal vehicle. All citizens upper class,and fixed income, pays some form of Tax. Whether, its sale taxes, income, or property taxes. The disadvantage comes when the struggle everyday people have to pay even more in this shakey economy. If the bus fare is raise by $2.00. It will take $4.00 each day for a full commute. It will take $28.00 per week commute. For someone that on a fixed income, or part-time mininum wages thats 20% of their income. Haven't Wave riders sufferd enough. Let's face it. Oil is not going to be around foever. And, People with luxury would have to ditch their cars, for cheaper transportation. Then you'll be on the bus with the rest of us hard working people.


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