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So Saffo blames the media, huh?

I've heard some pretty non-sensical comments come from Saffos "smiley real-estate cheeks", but this one really takes the cake! So, let me be sure I understand this correctly, if he believes the media is to blame for his city's reputation...

Does that also mean that the media is to blame for the girl that was raped and stabbed near to death in the church courtyard on 3rd and Market St.? This woman still has problems from that. Have you been to visit HER, Saffo?

Is the media to blame for all of the car break-ins, tire cuttings and thefts that happen every weekend?

Is the media to blame for the man who had his face knife-slashed by a random, violent thug downtown?

Is the media to blame for the pistol whippings and attempted rapes that occur downtown and reported in nearly every Sunday morning news website?

Is the media to blame for the drunks that bump a police horse with his car, punch a police horse in the face or that back into a parked police car?

Is the media to blame for city installing all of those surveillance cameras that never really record anything, in particular criminal acts?

Is the media to blame for all of the fistfights, bloody faces and arrests for D & D EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND?

Is it the media's fault that most of the downtown sidewalks and alley accesses near the bars reek of vomit, urine and cigarette butts ? Now, there's a sure-fire tourist attraction for Sunday visitors looking for a nice brunch!!!

Saffo or any other of the city council has never taken one itsy-bitsy, teesy-weensy iota of responsibility for the crime that routinely occurs downtown during the weekends, they blame the media and grin their pearly-whites as their pictures are taken in front of the convention center.

Sorry Saffo, the only thing you can blame the media for is reporting what actually happens on YOUR watch, in YOUR city. Your accusation is no less rediculous than MacIntyre's accusation that Pantano wants to raise taxes by 23%. I only want to make sure we are on the same page, in the same city here.

Isn't truly amazing to watch politicians panic and how they react by "flying into the light" when the end is near?


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