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The idea is ludicrous.

A committe involving "downtown residents and bar owners" to decide who gets to open up and who gets to STAY open???

Get real people. Can't you just see the abuse about to happen?
If I owned a bar down there and I was on that committe, what would stop me from, or rallying support on the committe to, suspend or revoke the permits of my COMPETITORS???
We all know how shady and cut throat humans are.

This very "plan" seems to be the work of a a few individuals' attempt to lord power over others.

The State of North Carolina all ready has laws in effect that have guidelines for revoking liquor permits.
If an establishment is not violatng STATE LAW, why does this city feel it has the right to go above and beyond to try and destroy people's livelihoods?

Instead, the city should use the EXISTING LAWS, and enforce them.
And if an establishment is violating these laws, punish them!

Not put power into the hands of petty, back stabbing individuals.


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