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I'm of the same era

and I would encourage you to reconsider your comment if you're implying "the ten foot tall and bullet proof rowdy drunks" are all members of the Corps.

No doubt some of the perpertartors are. But not all; far from it. The idea of an MP presence is a good one. If they know they might be standing before the Sgt Major, First Sgt, or Company Commander, they might think twice. That's in addition to any charges issued in Wilmington.

Watch the newscasts. An even greater number are boastful, away from home for the first time freshmen from UNCW. So why not have the UNCW police work hand in hand with Wilmington's finest on Friday and Saturday evening. Let them stand before a Student Court, after they have been held accountable in Wilmington. Wonder how long Mom & Dad will continue writing checks if they get a communication from School that Junior has had some alcohol related incidents downtown?

But then too, why not have the Mayor and head of WDI don flak jackets and helmets on Friday and Saturday evening and assist the Police with their force of personality.


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