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Operation Ocean Storm

I am confused as to your comments about the undercover operation. You appear to want something done about the drug situation but are angry that it was. Yes an undercover officer was needed because unfortunately the police can not just knock on a drug dealer's or user's door and say "Your neighbors say you are dealing and using drugs you are under arrest." They have to have proof. They need evidence to make charges stick. And to get to the major players in a drug ring you have to go through a maze of people sometimes. Does this cost money? Sure it does. Would you have the Chief not do anything at all because of the cost? Telling the police when you suspect there is drug activity is very important and I would encourage everyone to do so, but it is only a small step in a long process in getting drug dealers and users off the streets. I think it is great that our reports of activity has not been ignored and personally hope to see more and more operations like this throughout our county. As for it being an election year, and the DA's office being busy, if they can convict all of the people arrested, then the operation was truely a success.


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