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Missing the point ...

While your examples about violence and intolerance in the name of Islam may be accurate - they are also irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

The reason we are having discussions about tolerance is because our nation was founded upon principles of religious freedom. The First Amendment guarantees that right to all who come here; period. It does not matter if they are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, or otherwise - as a citizen of this country the faith they choose is up to them. To persecute an entire group of Muslim Americans based on the select acts of a few is unjust, and inherently un-American.

You mention some of the intolerance that particular Middle Eastern nations practice toward Christians who settle there - what about the Muslims who emigrate to the US, are you suggesting that they be treated the same?

That's not what our country is about. We don't fight intolerance with intolerance. It's about being above the persecution that so many of our immigrants, and yes - our founding fathers, faced before they came into our borders.


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