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Ignorant Contrast

You are comparing something that may or may not have happened by someone who may or may not have existed over two millenia ago as opposed to a modern day issue. They have little to do with each other. Christianity has every bit the violent history and present that Islam does. We simply don't have it brought to us on the news each night in the western world.

Following the bible, you should freely be able to sell your daughter into slavery if you want. Murder anyone who plants varying crops side by side, burn at the stake anyone who wears two different threads, oh and lets not forget stone anyone who touches the skin of a dead pig. Guess that cancels the super bowl. Not to mention the countless millions who have died from christian crusades of the middle ages, modern day christian nut cases, and oh yea...the kkk. Any organized group, religious or not, will have extreme factions in both directions of the spectrum of right and wrong. There are millions of peaceful, nonviolent muslims, just as there are small groups of militant and violent christians in the world. In todays political climate we only hear one side for the most part though, and people jump to conclusions without knowing the history of the situations they discuss.

I suppose what this long rant is meant to get across is that these are massively complex and difficult situations in our world, and compartmentalizing them into evening news sound bites is ignorant and unfortunately all too common. Perhaps it's easier for me to be as rational as I try to be on these subjects as i'm agnostic, and I don't really have any emotional ties to any religion. All I would ask is that anyone who feels strongly and/or emotional about these issues...know the history, know the facts and make an educated judgement and don't simply follow the left or the right, what hannity or blitzer tell you to think!


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