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getting the point

It is attitudes like this that give christians a bad name.

Comments like these do nothing to enhance the image of christianity in this country as well as around the world. It makes no sense to get angry at someone else for doing the same things you and yours are just as guilty of. When people get angry and combative over someone else's choices and belief systems it shows how weak their own faith is. Example--being critical of others for living in a way in which you don't agree offers a sense of control over something you don't understand and find threatening to your own way of life.

After all, it would be way to scary to question the beliefs you've found comfort in since birth--everyone everywhere feels the same way about that.

Sure there are many groups of people in this world who would love to "destroy" western society, but you are lumping everyone who belongs to a particular faith together. I would hope the majority of christians wouldn't want to be seen in the same category as the pro-lifers who murder abortionists or accuse people of not having a brain.
It's very possible to be "aware" without being paranoid or at the very least, judgemental of others.

Treat others the way you'd like to be treated and don't see everyone of a particular group as the same. Not everyone possesses the "homocidal lunacy" that most human beings in the world hate, just like not every follower of christ looks down their nose at people who are not like them.


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