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Okay, let's hear your case!

"... for doing the same things you and yours are just as guilty of."

Okay, let's hear it. When was the last time a group of Christians or Jews hijacked airliners, crashed them into buildings, and killed thousands of your fellow Americans? How many Christians or Jews have been caught in the act of trying to blow up airliners in flight? How many groups of Christians and Jews are travelling to distant lands to learn bomb making and the Judeo-Christian equivalent of jihad? When did the last boatload of Christians or Jews attack a United States naval warship?

You suffer from politically correct myopia that allows you to equate isolated, lone Christians or Jews who perform outrageous crimes with the millions of Muslims who preach jihad and kill Westerners by the thousands.

Why don't you tell me what portion of my posts is factually incorrect? Tell me where I've made a false accusation. Point out an incident I mentioned that's not attributable to Muslims.

NOWHERE does Christ command you to be stupid, bury your head in the sand, and let your enemy kill you. You had better wake up and realize the threat that Western society faces.


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