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What Common has given you are FACTS....

...not anecdotes. Some people have a difficult time facing reality, especially in the face of violence. The same Muslim violence can be seen on any news channel on any given night, "Kill the Infidels", "Kill those that disgrace Allah". America has a cartoonist that has had to go into hiding due to the threats made against her because of a silly cartoon. IT'S ONLY A CARTOON, for goodness sake! The people of the middle east have been kept poor, stupid and hungry with only the Koran to give them hope. They still live in mud huts, eat five day old goat and beat their women to a pulp for nothing other than, "in the name of Allah", just as they did 2000 years ago. Completely suppressed of money, education and freedom by their wealthy leaders waving the almighty Koran as a salvation.

You know, it absolutely beats me as to how this region of the world devised some of the most complex mathematics known, most of which we still use to this day, but they still live in dirt, throw rocks at each other and are commanded like a bunch of little brainless ants with nothing in their pockets. One would think all of that intelligence would have carried through and developed over the many generations, it has only diminished to where it is today. 2000 years and they are further behind than where they began.


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