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Just like most charities...

I'm trying not to be negative, but I can't seem to find how she is being progressive or even helpful in this situation; starting a national trend?, hardly. She's simply doing what every other US corporation is doing now-a-days and buying cheap labor overseas to improve her bottom line. Is it really going to make a difference in these people's lives to pay them less than a dollar an hour, are those making less than the so called living wage over there really dying? I guess that's what they're calling slave labor and depriving our citizens of work as of late; and to think, all under the feel-good guise of providing humanitarian efforts to solve global hunger and world poverty. Let's face it, to be true to her intentions she could've just avoided the whole year's worth of befriending the natives and contacted Kathy Lee Gifford first, oh yeah, then she wouldn't have that lovely spin working for her.


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