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Commissioning of the USS Gravely

This "FIRM"; A "Public Relations firm" that is getting 25K Dollars in, WILMINGTON TAX PAYER DOLLARS, to **Entertain the sailors and VIP's in town that week**? I'm saying, doesn't the NAVY do it's OWN advertising? (Buy a 30 sec spot on WWAY?)...PAY it's sailor's/crew while on "shore leave?"
Cannot the NAVY, maybe, "rent" our BRAND-NEW Convention Center, to do all these *VIP* Activities?

Cannot the NAVY, FOOT the bill of Commissioning one of it's own Ships?
Yet, this *Public Relation's Firm" wants MORE of OUR Tax Dollars that the NAVY, should be paying for?
WHO is "profiting" from these activities? THAT should be looked into... Follow the money folks...


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