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Taxpayer-Funded Payoff

If this doesn't seal the deal for voters out there - nothing will. The article should have mentioned that McColl IS THE CAMPAIGN MANAGER FOR BILL SAFFO, KRISTI TOMEY, JASON THOMPSON, and many other past candidates. She is a political operative who is a member of about every board in the county. She is a inside consultant on many political issues that affect your money. She is representative of the insider corruption club in Wilmington and New Hanover County. The Star News once referred to her as the "Matriarch of Wilmington Politics", and said that people don't get elected in this town without her blessing. I myself have found that to be quite true.

And now this - yet another ship commissioning in which she gets paid a nice chunk of taxpayer money? When she goes to the county for money as well, don't be surprised when that vote is unanimous as well, led by her understudy Jason Thompson.

This is nothing more than one of many taxpayer-funded payoffs to McColl, and is how the game is played. It is things like this that keep true citizen-representatives out of office - like Brian Berger who everybody needs to run and vote for, if for nothing else to end political cronyism and payoffs.

This is unethical and unacceptable. It is time to address your government, and tell them no more.


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