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VOTE 2010 FYI: Some of the Pantano / McIntyre propaganda we get


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- We thought you'd find it interesting to see what kind of email we get from the Pantano and McIntyre campaigns and the NRCC on a daily basis. Here are a few from the last couple of days:


Small Businesses Face Uncertainty As McIntyre Refuses to Stop Obama Tax Hike

With Election Day in Sight, Vulnerable Democrats Refuse to Listen to American People on Devastating Tax Increases

Washington- One week is left until Congress is scheduled to adjourn and the White House and Democrat leaders have acknowledged that a Congressional vote on the Obama tax hike may be dead. House Democrats like Mike McIntyre have neglected to listen to the American people who are pleading for their support to spare working families and small businesses from devastating tax increases. The country is still suffering under the consequences of the Democrats’ failed economic agenda from the past two years – but now vulnerable Democrats like McIntyre who refuse to make working families and small businesses their priority can add the Obama tax hike to the lengthy record of job-killing policies they will be forced to defend before Election Day.

“Mike McIntyre's refusal to stop the Obama tax hikes on working families and small businesses is a clear sign that he is out of touch with the priorities of Americans who are struggling in this economy,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “With the country still reeling from the Democrats’ trillion-dollar stimulus that failed to create jobs and reckless spending spree that led the nation into debt, Mike McIntyre's support for the Obama tax hike will just add to the long list of failed policies that he will be forced to defend between now and Election Day.”

Democrat leaders themselves have said that they will most likely punt on the Obama tax hike before the midterm elections:

“Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Thursday he saw no reason for the House to hold a vote on extending Bush-era tax cuts for the middle class before the midterm elections…”

‘…We don’t need to have a vote to let the American people know where we stand.’” (Kathleen Hunter, “Hoyer: Tax-Cut Vote Could Wait Until After Elections, Roll Call, 09/23/10)

The White House has also acknowledged that a Congressional vote on the Obama tax hike is dead:

“The White House is now acknowledging that the Congressional vote on the middle class tax cuts is unlikely to happen before the elections, effectively moving on to the next phase of this debate, now that Congressional Dems had already pretty much decided the vote was dead.” (Greg Sargent, “White House acknowledges vote on middle class tax cuts may be dead -- squarely blames GOP,” Washington Post, 09/23/10)

Despite the decision of Democrat leaders to skirt a vote on the Obama tax hike, vulnerable Democrats’ refusal to address this issue will haunt them until Election Day.

Paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.


pantano for congress
press release
September 24, 2010
Contact: Sarah Dankanich
Scheduler/Media: 910.476.9783
Pantano Releases New Ad: Mcintyre Talks Like Helms But Votes Like Pelosi.
"Where Do You Stand, Mike?"

Wilmington, NC: The Pantano Campaign, in its new ad, is asking Congressman McIntyre where he stands. McIntyre claims in his latest commercial to have “always fought to abolish the death tax” while McIntyre’s voting record clearly shows that McIntyre has, in fact, voted numerous times to keep the Death Tax.

McIntyre’s record of support for keeping the Death Tax is clear throughout his voting record. For example, on 12/03/2009 just days before the Death Tax was set to expire, McIntyre voted to keep the Death Tax (HR 4154, Vote 929, 111th Congress). McIntyre also voted to keep the Death Tax on 7/22/ 1999 (Vote 333), 6/9/2000 (Vote 252), and on 10/10/2007 (Vote 929). That is four times in eleven years that McIntyre has voted to keep the Death Tax. Yet, he still claims in his latest television ad that “I (McIntyre) have always fought to abolish the Death Tax.”

McIntyre voting in Congress to keep the Death Tax while claiming here in the 7th District that he’s always fought to abolish the Death Tax is just like McIntyre voting with Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Leadership 90.5% of the time ( ), while claiming to be an ‘independent voice’ who works for us. As Pantano’s new ad says, “In North Carolina McIntyre pretends to be Jesse Helms. In Washington, he votes like Nancy Pelosi.”

On the other hand, Ilario Pantano has pledged to do everything possible to ensure that the Death Tax is permanently repealed and never returns. “The idea of taxing someone's family upon their death is just sick," Pantano said. “McIntyre, Pelosi, and the Democratic leadership just don't get it. You don't raise taxes in the middle of a recession, and it's just not right to punish those who've toiled and sacrificed to build their farms and small businesses.”

“We must protect our family farmers and our small businessmen across the 7th District,” Pantano concluded. “McIntyre's support of the Death Tax is another great example of our Congressman working for Nancy Pelosi and not for the people of the 7th District.”

The ad may be viewed by going to: like-nancy


According to news reports, Ilario Pantano has once again been caught spreading misinformation to the voters of Southeastern North Carolina. In a just-published article, The Hill exposes a Pantano television ad that contains a news interview spliced to strategically alter Pantano's checkered biography.

Click the following link to read the article and to compare Pantano's campaign commercial to the actual news footage on which the ad is based.

Justin S. Smith
Campaign Field Director
Mike McIntyre for Congress
PO Box 1
Lumberton, NC 28359


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