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Sheriff Hewett

To Sheriff Hewett:

Though many will comment on this and spread words of hate and disrespect, I know in my heart, soul, and mind that you are one of the best men in the world. I know first hand how you treat your family and how they look up to you. I want you to know that you are thought of by many as THE SHERIFF and not as a convict. In my eyes, you are a man of honor and should be treated like one.

Rex Gore is finally getting what he deserved to get years ago, along with Gene Caison, Keith Smith, and Kevin Holden. They have all had to deal with what they did to you and your family, and will continue to deal with it for the rest of their lives, and you are correct sir, they will not live this down, they will be looked down on as long as they live by many in this community.

Ronald, as you said, no one is perfect, but you are a good man and have a great family. I also believe your comment of Rex Gore threatening your family with charges, after all, he is a coward and will not stand up to what is honestly right. He went with the majority, the "GANG", because where 2 or more gather for a common cause a gang is formed.... They ganged up on you and they overtook your position, but they could not overtake RONALD E. HEWETT!

Now Brunswick County has a Sheriff that is a coward and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants no matter who it may hurt along the way! BRUNSWICK COUNTY RESIDENTS, TAKE NOTE, JOHN "BILL" INGRAM IS A LIAR AND A CHEAT.

Again, thank you for your dedicated service to Brunswick County and thank you for being MY FRIEND!


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