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Ronald, While what you say


While what you say may be true about what happened to you as far as Rex Gore is concerned, what about the people and employees that you did the same way that you say that Rex Gore treated you? The employees that you fired or suspended without even a chance to defend themselves. You, at least, had an attorney to defend you, while your employees were not even allowed to defend themselves. These are the same employees that were loyal to you and would have defended and did defend you no matter what. You and your family have definitely been thru an experience that no one wants to have to go thru.
Did you lose any sleep when you fired or suspended employees based on accusations that you wouldn't allow them to defend? Maybe your employees did not end up in prison but what they went thru was tough although different, it was disturbing to them and their families. Those homes and vehicles you claimed to own and paid for, still had to be paid and food had to be bought. They had to house and feed their children. Many of them didn't have a mother and an aunt who could help keep up the bills like your family did for you when you were in prison.
Have you ever gone to those ex-employees and apologized to them for the hell you put them thru? For every wrong that you say has been done to you and your family, I am sure if you are truthful with yourself, you will find many wrongs that you did to honest hard-working people. I hope that they and God can forgive you.
I personally know one of your former employees. At first, this individual was extremely bitter towards you but this person has forgiven you. Since then, life for this person has been so much better. They no longer carry the hate and has not allowed anger to consume their life. Maybe, in order, for you and your family to move on, you really need to forgive. Have you ever considered that Gene Allen and Kevin did what they did to protect their family like you protected your family from prosecution? It is not always just about you but other people as well. They had bills to pay to house and feed their children.


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