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Get over it!

Ron sheriff's who are removed from office and convicted of numerous felonies are not considered a "retired sheriff". As a convicted felon you should understand that there is a difference in a federal prosecutor and a state district attorney. Rex Gore had absolutely nothing to do with you serving a federal prison sentence. Why did you not ask for a jury trial in federal court? An innocent man would have plead not guilt and trusted his fate to a jury of his peers. Did you receive a reduced sentence for your plea in Federal Court? Of course you did! Did you get a sweat reduction of sentence in state court? Of course you did! Your state sentence ran concurrent to your federal sentence. Your family was not indicted in exchange for your guilt plea. Looks to me like Rex Gore helped you out. You know, like the rest of us, that you embezzled far in excess of $1,500 more like $150,000. The only people who got a raw deal in this matter were the Brunswick County property tax payers. Be a man and pay back the tax money you embezzled and build your new house with. If you are not guilty then rent the BCC center and answer questions from the public and media! Are you really selling used cars?


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