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Calling Bullsh*t

OK, Ron, I like to consider myself as understanding and reasonable as the next individual but your email here is absolutely ridiculous and on par with the very immature nature of your public behavior since your election. Your only concern now seems to be in minimizing your felonies and criminalizing the reimbursement of coffee. And one other that shines in your statement is your obvious desire to be sainted because you bought some colleagues lunch. I can only ask, are you serious?

How you can lay your problems at the feet of anyone other than yourself is a measure of the kind of man you have become (or perhaps really were all along). I assume you endeavor to teach your children the importance of personal responsibility yet it is absent entirely within you. I have never seen a single statement where you take ownership of your wrongdoings and accept responsibility for your actions (Crimes really, let's just be honest). I find it wholly ironic that you would expect that the criminals you have arrested in your life to readily accept the blame for the trainwreck they had made their lives thru disregarding our laws, but you sing a "Woe is me song". It is beneath the dignity of the office you once were fit to hold.

I suggest you begin rebuilding your life by first assessing your own primary role in the "hell" you mentioned your family has gone thru due to your poor choices. To continue to insist that you were not guilty or "not much" guilty (referring to your sarcastic remark about the embezzlement being ONLY $1500) is further degradation of your name and reputation. It seems more respect would be gained for you if you would actually own your crimes and apologize rather than try to defame a man for seeking reimbursement for a cup of coffee. This is easily seen to be a mud throwing tactic meant to take eyes off of yourself. I agree it seems petty to ask for reimbursement of such a small purchase but as a financial professional, I assure it is highly legal. See the difference?

I think Brunswick county has pretty much figured you out, Ron. I assume you realize that the electorate expressed their opinion at the last election. They are the salt of the earth and fine people, but even they will draw a line at having their limited taxpayer dollars spent to mow your lawn or do personal chores for you. I mean, what gives you the right?

I realize you were the "HIGH Sheriff" and that positiom really impressed you. Perhaps if you reminded people of that less during your tenure and reminded yourself more of it, you wouldn't have become overwhelmed with the power trip and turned your homelife and that of your family into a wasteland.

It is time to mature and take responsibility. You will be the better man for it if you can find the character to do the right thing.

Resident of New Hanover County


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