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Ronald E. Hewitt

I just finished watching the documentary on Ronald E. Hewett on the Documentary Channel.

All through the program, I kept thinking that something was not right about this man. I could not quite put my finger on it, only to say that his puffed-up self-righteousness was an indicator of my suspicions.

Therefore, I was not surprised to see the post script in the documentary which said that Hewett was subsequently indicted and imprisoned for corruption.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely. There are few things so close to absolute power as a sheriff in the county of a southern state.

Perhaps Hewett was not always prone to commit acts contrary to his oath, but being re-elected term after term can lead an individual to believe that he is above the law he is empowered to enforce. This is certainly an argument for term limits. One four year term as a count sheriff is enough for any individual.

However, this man has paid for his crimes and indiscretions, and although he should never again be given an official position of public trust, he should not be dogged for the rest of his life, nor should he be hindered or harassed in his endeavors to make a living.

His letter, above, does show an inability to accept responsibility for his actions, and he should not have pleaded guilty to charges for which he believed himself innocent.


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