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And the fact that you

And the fact that you actually think he's mentally unstable is just one more cause for all of this to come to light.
Ronald may not have always made the right decision...and really none of us have..but how can you not believe that more people were involved?
I am not going to say that he is totally I believe we all have our sins to carry..but what I will say is that if what he said is true...he da*m sure needed to come forward and speak his mind.
If other people such as our DA were involved in many OTHER people could be locked up who didn't exactly deserve it...or how many of those who did deserve it walk out with slaps on the wrist??
I can tell you there are people walking around today who have been charged with multiple offenses...theft, card fraud several times..and the list goes on..Why aren't THEY in jail? Someone greasing a few pockets?

And just how did they charge Ronald without having a breath or Blood test for drinking??
And not fire cops who sleep with people inside their police cars..
Come on..things are corrupt..anyone can see how about you take your head out of your rear..and see things for what they really are.
Afterall, the view from there must be quite crappy...

Keep ya chin up Ronald..God puts nothing on us that we can't handle..and when you come through this, you'll be a better person for having done it.

Thank you for all you did while you were in office!
A Native of Brunswick County


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