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this is just sour grapes

Ron, I read your letter, and it sounds as though you are nothing more than bitter. Bitter against those who taped your conversations of 'proof' that you were irrational in your thinking and otherwise. Several of your own deputies stated that you would show up to calls with the smell of alcohol on your breath. You're right, no one had a chemical or blood analysis to determine as such, but then again DO NOT attempt to exonerate yourself in an open letter forum. How incredulous you are to attempt that. My God man, you were, at that time, the Sheriff of Brunswick County. You have already admitted you had a prescription problem and evidently an alcohol problem as well.

I read your letter as nothing more than a whiny baby reaching out to whatever is left of your 'friends' to further attempt to extort your 'side of the story' as the 'innocent convicted'.

Ronald, it's sad your life became what it did. You started off well, as Sheriff, you did many great things for the county, no denying that, but, as a human, you stumbled, it's ok, we're all human and we all take stumbling blocks along life's path. However, your letter clearly indicates you're still stumbling and have not yet realized the error of your ways. Your attempt to use that letter to gain sympathy only further shows you have a very long way to go.

My suggestion, should you read this is stay out of the limelight and the camera's spotlight. NO ONE is interested in Ronald Hewitt, Retired Sheriff of Brunswick County anymore.


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