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IMAM Baaaiack

well, well, Ronald writes letter people start commenting and word gets on the street and before you know it every Deputy sheriff with access to a computer starts commenting, Here is how I see it,

1. Ronald has served his time.
2. He is entitled to free speech and his opinion
3. He still pays taxes even if he is a convicted felon.
4. why has Rex not brought charges against the county commissioners?
5. why did Rex not bring Charges against the Deputies that took our money so they could help Mr. Hewett campaign, only to scream he brow beat them to get then to lay down their morality.
6. How many crimes went unsolved while they were taping and investigating Ronald Hewett.

So personally I find more disgust in the fact that we elected a democratic sheriff, ended up with a liar that switched parties and know represents the party that lost the last election, if that doesn't seem violently criminal against the very democracy we represent then I had rather have a honest Convict, Than a Leering Bible thumping, county jumping, party switching, wife beating opportunist any day, thats just my Brunswick county tax paying opinion.


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