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It doesn't take a rocket

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that all of the public safety, the courts, judges, SBI, and ex-district attorney and ex-gov Mike Easley were all in the kickbacks business from new million dollar court houses,jails,tax office,getting your oyster harbor development boat access approved, (why do you think Mark Saunders hired Hewett when he got out and real estate sucks?)and is the top county in the state for foreclosure. You really believe the drug business left when Sheriff Varnum was let off the hook and just fired back in the 80 . That's why they plea was made so that the public is kept in the dark about the real crimes and we have our elected officials and public safety covering there ass and make Ronald Hewett get a slap on the wrist having to do a year at the Federal Prison Butner where they don't even have fences and it's summer camp for all of the connected officials and rich fokes like Berny Maddoff. Ask any local who's lived there why the drugs are so available in that county? Because all of your goverment officals are on the take. Check out the 17yr the state crime lab was fixing evidence for the DA and where was the outcry. Face it North Carolina has one of the most corrupt systems in all of the states and until the public wake up and realize that we are the only state that lets the DA Judge shop and pick witch judge you see you will only receive as much justice as you can pay for and that's not guaranteed. If they can cover up a cops death on BHI they can surely get away with fooling people who are paying inflated property taxes on there over priced real estate.

Submitted by guest (not verified) on Wed, 09/29/2010 - 11:12am.

I said it before and will say it again and again. If Ronnie really wants the trust of the public back, he needs to tell all he knows. Starting with the Davina Jones Murder and cover up on Bald Head Island. BTW everyone ,please use your spell check before posting, you Ron Hewett supporters are looking very ignorant with your post!


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