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are you kidding???

"All the bacteria and grease and oil off the cars and dog feces and dog waste and animal waste and wildlife waste ends up in our water."

Animal waste and wildlife waste ??? like it has for millions of years? oh no!!! not something thats been happening forever? whatever will we do? And as far as dog waste...whatever. Theres more raccoon,possum, snake, squirrel, lizard, frog, fish, spider etc waste than dog waste. Its why mine gets shoveled from my yard and thrown in the woods. No big deal except to the stupid wacko environmentalists that dont know squat about bacteria culture and its benefits to plants and other animals that need it to survive.

Morons, all of them. EVERY person that has to do with storm water runoff, DHT, city planners etc.

4 YEARS to fix it. Are you kidding?? New Centre has been like that since 1980 something and should have been fixed years ago. This WHOLE city administration is a joke...and has been for quite a while now.


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