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THEY WERE NOT MISINFORMED. Every news station in America was broadcasting about the conditions in Wilmington. They sent out an email to students stating they were misinformed, which is total BS. They also claimed that the drought conditions prior to the rainfall influenced their decision, but I'm pretty sure the 12 inches of rain we got on Monday reversed any of those effects. Not to mention that the rain was falling too hard for the ground to absorb all of it in time.
Another statement in the email said that they "make decisions, given the information we have at a particular point in time, sometimes as far in advance as a day or longer.", yet they waited until 4:20PM to inform students that classes after 5PM were canceled, and many of the students didn't get the memo because the website was not updated until later on.
I am a commuter student and had to go to class because of strict attendance policies set forth by my professors. More than half of the students didn't show up, so there was no point for my professors to actually teach anything. They didn't even take attendance.
Power outages, interior flooding, standing water, and potholes were only some of the concerns people had while trying to get to campus today. And since the public schools were closed, parents who are in college could not go because they had to stay home with their children - and that statement about dealing with young children made me livid. So only children are guaranteed safety in this weather? They aren't even the ones who have to drive in it. And of course there are those living in Carolina Beach, which was in 2 feet of water as of this morning. It is completely absurd that UNCW and CFCC would put students and staff in danger like this.


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