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Okay...I'm a public school teacher and a graduate student. I have some legal background, but I'm really curious about the legal issues surrounding a colleges decision not to close. Here is my thinking...

Sure we are adults and can make the decision to drive or not. This is a key difference for the public schools, where children must ride the bus. However, colleges do not afford us the right to excused or have special considerations during bad weather. For instance, UNCW stated on its website that instructors should be mindful of the attendance policy for students. If a student has an exam or project due that simple statement does not give us any grounds to ask for extensions, appeal grades, or otherwise be protected. We are the mercy of a professor who may or may not be understanding. Thus, we are forced to pick between earning a good grade, graduating on time, and being safe. This in a way encourages us to report to campus.

The statement from CFCC about training people for the workforce is not accurate. As an employee, if schools were open and the weather is bad I can simply take a sick day, leave without pay, or vacation leave and not be penalized. However, again, if I missed class I could face many types of negative penalities from lower grades to far worse.

So after all that....if a student were to be injuried driving to a college campus does the campus bare any responsibility? Neglience?


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