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Back up

Ok hun just so you no not everyone in college are "kids" i am 26 and got to cape fear for cosmetology. I dont text and drive for one, due to my friend being killed by someone texting and driving and to i live in leland and the only way over to wilmington is the bridge... if the bridge is closed i cant get to school. Also of other people couldnt get to school due to road closings. So yes some people were risking there lives to get to school thats why i didnt not go thursday. They should have closed it so people wouldnt get hurt trying to to miss class. People that go to certain class like me have to punch in and out from a time clock to make sure we dont miss that many days. CFCC should have some sympathy for people that can only miss 20% of class. So maybe you need to step back and think about other peoples situation before you start going on some little rant taking about how "kids" cant drive...


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