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-The winds were way more

-The winds were way more than 5 mph.
-Carolina Beach was under 3 feet of water yesterday. It's all over every weather station in America. Many students live in that area and have to commute to campus.
-Don't classify all students into one group. Yes, there are some students who drive aggressively, but I can definitely tell you there are definitely just as many angry middle aged men and women who are just as bad. In fact, most of the accidents I see don't even involve college students at all.
-Many students aren't even "kids". They are in their 20s, 30s, even 40s and living off campus and trying to make a living while attending school as well. They have every right to be concerned about the weather we had.
-And if I recall, many people were concerned about the weather on Monday. I couldn't make it to my night class because I couldn't even get my car out of the parking lot, let alone drive 20 minutes in the dark in 6 inches of standing water for an hour long lecture.


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