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Get a towel and quit crying

Ponder this:
For all the students regardless of age who have spent a ton of time emailing and whining about CFCC and UNCW's weather decision, do you spend as much time and energy on your classes as you do making excuses?

For those of you who think administrators are overpaid and uncaring, go ahead and take their job so you can listen to nonsense whining and have every decision questioned by non qualified "experts". They work long hours making your school a better place. They could make a lot more money elsewhere but they don't they do because they believe in higher education. Those who do leave do so because they get sick of the BS from whiners like you who want the world to be responsible for them. Anytime you think you can do my job better, it's yours. I guarantee you would not last 1 day dealing with the calls and emails and whining we get over something that is part of what living in Wilmington is...wet and rainy!

For all the people who had to go to work to serve you food, make sure your classes were taught, supported you with technology, did repairs in the rain, cleaned your bathrooms, supported your teachers by typing their lessons, and otherwise kept you safe, do you hear them complaining? No! I got up early to be there for you as did my colleagues. You're welcome.

Decisions were made using the best forecasts available. How many meteorologist get weather 100% right? So you're smarter than them or emergency professionals? Seriously get a grip.

For those of you who are parents, do a favor for us who work with your students every day, make them empowered and personally responsible. Quit calling us to second guess every decision we make. We actually take a lot of factors into consideration and analyze decisions so we're not morons.


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