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Congratulations, WWAY. Once again, you have proven that there is nothing that you will not stoop to in order to provide top-notch yellow journalism.

Since you have CLEARLY forgotten, here's a reminder: You're supposed to be in the NEWS BUSINESS. You know, journalism, reporting, etc., NOT witch-hunting.

Congratulations. We really appreciate how well you have proven that you have no limits when it comes to achieving all-time lows and hitting rock bottom - REPEATEDLY. At least now that you have identified yourselves as scum-dwellers, you've finally been honest about SOMETHING, even if it was to reveal your true identity, your abandonment of REAL journalism, and your unending quest to grind people into the ground. I sincerely hope that each and every current employee of WWAY will find themselves under such a microscope as the one you have held Charles Smith under.

I do, wonder, though...what would it take to get you to shut up? We've all heard the recent stories of kids who were "outed" publicly and felt their only recourse was to take their own lives. Will it take the death of a Charles Smith, etc., for you to finally SHUT UP?

You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves. However, since you clearly have NO conscience, I'll admit that I'm embarassed for you and utterly ashamed of you.

I fully anticipate this will not make it to a visible post on your page. After all, you're no longer interested in news and healthy discourse. You're only interested in muck-raking, and that leaves no room whatsoever for dissenting opinions.


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