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Congratulations! Once again

Congratulations! Once again you did a great job of reporting the news that people want to hear. I hate to use that quote from Jack Nicholson but "TRUTH! YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!". Ask any deputy that you see in the county about Charles Smith and watch their reaction, most want comment. But some will tell you the truth about him. People were out to get him from the time he worked for Carollina Beah PD because of his personal life and "life style". Thats the truth! I know you want print this and that is what is sad. People who are not in the know don't have any idea of why this guy was single out. The Sheriff didn't want any dirt coming out about him dismissing him from his job, because he is a Democrat and his party supports that life style. So, he says he gave him a "HUG" and sent him along his way. Don't ask, don't tell dosen't work in the military and it want work in law enforcement.


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