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WoW!!! Those are some more angry words!!!

Your angry post DID make it to visibility for all to see! It appears you have or had (as it may be), and axe to grind. Feel better now? If I were you I would be embarrased, but not such a big deal when cyber-bitching and nobody knows who you are. I only hope you don't have access to a firearm with your state of instability.

I've followed this story from day one. It seems to me that WWAY is simply reporting this case as it progresses. This ex-officer was a public figure with the NHCSO and the public deserves to know the unscrupulous activites of which he is accused, why and the results of those accusations. I will make one generalization though, this ex-officer peed in the wrong persons cornflakes and got a bullseye drawn on his back. WWAY is simply reporting the facts as they develop. Why is it that you want to blame WWAY for Smiths choices, I haven't a clue. You may want to ask the other news agencies that are reporting on this story as well.

In the meantime, angry and ranting outbursts full of name-calling and accusations like yours CAN be controlled through therapy and medication. You're going to shorten your life harboring resentment of that magnitude.


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