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I don't know. Generally

I don't know. Generally speaking WWAY has seemed baised and tabloidish recently. I thought it was petty for WWAY to confront him about a part time job as a courtesy officer at an apartment complex. That's not a law enforcement job, and is a private arrangement between him and a privately held company. That job consists of things like asking someone to turn down their stereo when someone calls the complex's management with a noise complaint. No poers of arrest or anything like that at all. Mall cops have more authority than him.

But this conviction is relevant, since he's a government IT employee charged with a crime related to illegal use of a government computer.

Overall though, I do think WWAY has shown an unusual amount of interest in this guy, considering he was and still is a relatively low-level employee. I think he was a corporal at the SO. It's not like he's a local power player or anything like that.

I wonder if he made someone at WWAY mad when he worked as the spokesman for the NHCSO? Maybe he didn't grant some interviews thay wanted, and now they are getting payback? If that's the case, WWAY has moved from reporting the news to creating the news. Big difference in journalism standards. Kind of like the difference between the WSJ and the Enquirer.


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