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You Liberals can't be serious!!!

Are you kidding me? Most of the posts here are outright, blatant support for this individual obviously because of his personal lifestyle. Seriously? Do you not see that what you view as a "momentary indiscretion" or simple mistake is so very much worse???

He used a County computer, with access to EVERYONE's personal information that each law enforcement officer has access to, to get a copy of a young mans license to get him into a bar! Do you really believe that this was a simple mistake? What else did he do? To what lengths would he have gone for personal gain? Or has gone already? He did it so readily that it should scare each and every one of you liberals out there. Sure, he's of the "alternate" lifestyle, but what if he wasn't? Then the support would be gone and let the loudmouthed, anti-conservative complaints start then!

You should really look at the situation again. People complained about Bush and his security tactics after 9/11. This guy is everyone's nightmare, he had access and abused it. You should be so lucky is was for his personal gain and not vindictive abuse towards you or I.


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