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Bladen County Improvvement Association

Just quoting WWAY in their article about the get out the vote in Bladen County. The Bladen County Improvement Association by you is quoted as being in a situation, "where candidates pay people to round up votes for them".

If in your investigative reporting you would check the General Statutes of this great State, you might be surprised what you would find. Like NCGS 162 covers the Sheriff's office and I won't dare go there in this response; however if you will go up one more NCGS to 163 you will find the Statute covering voting. It is quite lengthy as one would imagine and takes considerable time to read; so I'll just cut to the chase as the old saying goes.

Take a close look at NCGS 163-275 Sections (1) and (2) and if what you say about the BCIA is true then we may possibly have a whole lot of felons running around and some of them may be in elected office, trying to get into elected OFFICE, AND HOPEFULLY SOME WILL BE PUT OUT OF ELECTED OFFICE SHORTLY LIKE ON NOVEMBER 2. I am by no means a legal expert but I do submit to you that I can read.

NCGS 163-275 Section (2) states CERTAIN ACTS DECLARED FELONIES-Any person who shall in any conection with any primary, general, or special election held in this State do any of the acts or things declared in this section to be unlawful, shall be guilty of a Class 1 felony. It shall be unlawful FOR ANY PERSON TO GIVE OR PROMISE OR REQUEST OR ACCEPT AT ANY TIME, BEFORE OR AFTER ANY SUCH PRIMARY OR ELECTION, ANY MONEY, PROPERTY OR OTHER THING OF VALUE WHATSOEVER IN RETURN FOR THE VOTE OF ANY ELECTOR.

Now, I'm not the smartest person in the world; but I do understand that if I go out and PAY people to vote for me or if I go out and PAY someone to round up votes for me that there is good chance I have committed a felony and the people I have PAID to do it are in the same boat. Ckeck that, not a good chance but based on NCGS 163-275 Section (2) I have in fact committed a felony.

It seems to me that it is the sworn duty of law enforcement people to arrest felons. In your article you state that one of the men running for sheriff in the November election (oh well let's just go ahead and say what you said that Prentice Benston was at one time vice-president of BCIA before he resigned) was a member of Bladen County Improvement Association. Look at the other people in this association!!!

TO THE VOTERS OF BLADEN COUNTY-I believe most of us are already members of BECFAP-BLADEN ELECTORAL COMMITTEE FOR ALL PEOPLE!!!! This is just a little committee I thought up because all us Bladenites (just over 32,000) and registered voters (just shy of 22,000) are realy members of it. Yes, our children and others who are not registered to vote (about 10,000) are expectiing BECFAP to stand up come October 14 through November 2 and show BCIA that we mean to BETTER BLADEN COUNTY. If anyone tries to hand you a previously marked ballot to take into that voting booth and use as a guide on who to vote for, throw it back in their face; check that, tear it up first and then throw it back in their face. Because, if the entire NCGS 163 is read; somewhere in there, one will find, and I quote, "The person rendering assistance shall not in ANY MANNER seek to induce any voter to cast any vote in any particular way". What the penalty is for doing that I can not remember; but rest assured BCIA, it will be penalized sooner or later. If not before, surely it will be when we all, BLADEN ELECTORAL COMMITTEE FOR ALL PEOPLE, stand before the JUDGE that will judge righteously. Hope for your own eternal well being as well as the well being of ALL Bladen County that BCIA will remember this when they meet in their "secret meetings" because I have not seen one of their meetings publicized. Maybe they should all take the democratic candidates lead and get out of this organization; excuse me, association.

God bless the Bladen County voter and each candidate running for office. By the way, BECFAP, does have a voting philosophy and it is "one vote for each voter"; we have never approved of the "vote early and vote often" philosophy adhered to by a certain menber of BCIA, even if we are just "checking the system to see if people are being allowed to vote more than once". But, if I am a member of an association that believes in paying people to vote for me then I can certainly see how I could try to vote twice to "test the system". Thank God the poll workers caught that and did not allow it; hence going back to BECFAL's voting philosophy of "one vote for one voter". Now that is a great idea.

Have a great day Mother Bladen and thank you WWAY and Bladenonline for giving us the opportunity to respond.


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