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Bladen Improvement Committee Article

If you are going to do investigative reporting, why not go to the North Carolina General Statutes (NCGS) that cover the particular subject and lay them down beside what you are reporting on? Then you will not have to make such statements as "While it appears what thet're doing is legal"!!!!

Go to NCGS's 163-273 Subsection (a-7) and (b);
" " " 163-274 (2)
" " " 163-275 Subsection (a-9)

These three NCGS's alone will tell you that people are blatantly violating these NCGS's and committing felonies and misdemeanors. It is the responsiblity of the law enforcement officoals of any given county in North Carolina (including Bladen) to arrest these people and prosecute them. But don't count on it because these felonies and misdemeanors are being committed in secret and don't forget that the former vice-president of the organization alledgedly involved in this activity is a member of the BCSO. You know it just so hard to get a person to admit they are involved in felonies and misdemeanors; but if you will read these NCGS's you will see that it is going on.

NCGS 163-273 (a-7) plainly states "For any person to aid, or attempt to aid, any voter by means of any mechanical device, or ANY OTHER MEANS whatever, while within the voting encloseure, in marking his ballot" shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor and election officers shall cause any person committing any of these offenses set forth in Subsection (a) to be arrested and charges to be preferred against such person. I take this to mean that if I fill out a ballot and give it to you and tell you to vote the same way the names are marked on the ballot that I indead have committed a misdemeanor. Other violations are considered felonies. Wonder how many felons will be running around Bladen County starting October 14 through November 2.

Don't let anyone tell you who to vote for and certainly don't let anyone give you a ballot already filled out and tell you to take it into the voting booth and vote exactly like the ballot is filled out. If you need help when you get to the voting place, Mr. Larry Hammonds and the Board of Elections have people there to assist you.


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