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Mant questions, few answers about Bladen Co. Improvement Committ

The next time you do some reporting about what is going on in Bladen County politics please go to the North Carolina General Statutes covering the particular subject (in this case elections and voting felonies and misdemeanors) and see that these NCGS will tell you what can and can not be done in relationship to the voting place and ballots. Three NCGS's in particular relate to what is going on in Bladen County:

NCGS 162-273 (a-7) abd (b)
NCGS 162-274 (a-9) and (b)
NCGS 162-275 the heading and (2)

If you are having trouble getting up with some of the members of the distinguished committee in your article, I would suggest you go to the Bladen County Commissioners meeting on October 4 at 6:30 p.m. on the basement floor of the Bladen County courthouse. You should find at least two of the members there (maybe even the president)on the board of commissioners and you might even find the former vice-president of the committee there unless his interim boss has told him not to go just like he didn't show up to face the people of Bladen County and the commissioners back in July.

Do some investigating and you might just be surprised what you will find; but first, read the Statutes so you will know exactly what you are looking for. You already have one piece of evidence in the filled out ballot that was prepared by this committee. True, they or any one else can make a copy of the ballot long as they put their organizations name on it; but when a ballot is filled out and then given to a voter and the voter is told to go into the voting enclosure and vote exactly like the filled out ballot is prepared; at that moment a Class 2 misdemeanor has been committed by the person giving the ballot to a voter. And I'm not so sure that a misdemeanor is not committed by the voter in accepting it and doing as they were told. One thing is for sure, if anything "of value" was offered for the voter to vote as per the filled out ballot; then a Class 1 felony has been committed. Wonder how many felons "who may not know they are felons" will be out in force between Ootober 14 and November 2.

Candidates can use their own money in their campaigns and political donations can be made to their campaigns, but when that money is used to "buy votes" or promises are made that "postions or favors" will be given for votes then THE LAW HAS BEEN BROKEN plain and simple.

Have you ever asked yourself how does a candidate in the spring primary currrently work in the department that he was running to head up and in addtion to that he is currently working for the man he ran against. Sounds like he might have thought he could run the department better than his opponent. Yet others who thought so were dismissed from the department; five if I make no misstake. The only problem you will run into with this deeper investigation is that these things are done in secret; meetings, promises, money passed, favors granted. So who is going to step forward and admit they have committed a felony?!!!! You almost had one when someone admitted they were one of the founding members but had got out because of the influence of "money". Indeed the "love of it is the root of all evil"; now that is something you don't have to investigate, it is forever settled in heaven.

Good reporting, just not deep enough. Be sure and read those statutes.


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