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Bladen County Improvement? Hardly!

Bladen County is mostly rural, and county leaders are allowing the rural countryside to be trashed by unsightly trailer parks, derelict houses, junk stored in front yards, ugly signage, clear-cutting of timber with no buffers, and many other blighted sights.

If you are a property-owner, you can do whatever you like to your property without any regards to the esthetics of the neighborhood. No elected official in the county will object.

The Bladen leadership has never shown any interest whatsoever in making the county cleaner and greener. Leaders say they want "clean industry," but this is just empty posturing.

Elizabethtown is currently making "improvements" to its downtown. But for the so-called improvements to materialize, the town cut down at least a dozen historic oaks that arched over the main streets, ruining the town's character.

Bladen County leadership is woefully inept and has been for years. Robeson County has long been the most blighted county in N.C., but Bladen will soon surpass it.


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