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Bladen Improvement Commitee

Not the best investigative reporting job. If you want to find the people involved with this organization, committee, PAC, association, etc.; all you got to do is vist the Bladen County Commissioners meeting tonight in the basement of the Bladen County Courthouse at 6:30 p.m. Mr. W.D. Neill, Mrs. Deliah Blanks, Mr. Albert Beatty, and the democratic candidadte for sheriff(who was a former vice-president of the "whatever") might be there. That is unless his current "interim boss" has got him indoctinated not to show up for a meeting with the County Commissioners(remember back over in July when he had promised the County Commissioners he would meet with them and the citizens of Bladen County to answer to them and the citizens as to why refused to have five deputies sworn back in). And he didn't even show up to inform those five (you are right Mr. Interim Sheriff, you did not inform anyone PERSONALLY they were fired) you just sent your non-Bladen County resident part-time deputy (he is now full time while we have people qualified to fill that position) to do that bit of work for you.

Now low and behold, the "interim Sheriff", the non-Bladenite, and the democratic candidate for sheriff have went and hired BELIEVE IT OR NOT a man who opposed the democratic candidate in the spring primary election!!!! Well, I'm just dumb enough to believe that if this new deputy opposed the democratic candidate back in the spring then he must have thought he could run the BCSO better. But five people who supported another deputy in the spring primary were fired. Go figure, to me it seems if one opposes and another opposes then they both oppose!!!!!! By the way, this new deputy, although he was the highest educated of all the candidates, did not have the name recognition in Bladen County politics or business to be a viable candidate. So, WHY DID HE RUN???? That is a question that really needs to be looked into.

In fact, there were five candidates who ran in the spring primary. The bottom three candidates received 25.67% of the vote; those votes
were 2.60%, 9.18%, and 13.89%. At least one of these candidates was from the area of the county where the top vote getter 38.56% was raised. Common sense tells one that the top vote getter could easy have gotten 1.44% of the votes cast for the other candidate who received 13.89% of the vote; if this individual had not been in the race. Not withstanding, anyone has a right to enter any political race if they qualify for the position they are seeking. A lot of Bladen County voters would certianly like to hear testimony from each of these five candidates as to why they ran and then WHO BACKED THEM or talked them into running.

But alas back to the Bladen County electorial saga. The spring primary was behind us and the primary runoff was coming because the top vote getter lacked 1.44% of all votes cast to get a majority of 40%. Here is where the Bladen County Improvement Association, committee, PAC, orgainazation, group, etc. began to come into play. In fact, it has been shown that it was in the the play already in the primary by ballots being marked with their candidates names already filled in and destributed to voters who were of the same persusion as the "committee". Is that legal?

Consider North Carolina General Statute 163-273 (a-7). Now NCGS 163 covers elections and voters and as one can see it is quite lengthy (read it for yourself). This particular statute states, "For any person to aid, or attempt to aid, any voter by means of any mechanical device, or ANY OTHER MEANS WHATEVER, while within the voting enclosure, in marking his ballot", "...shall be guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor", and (b)Election officers.....Shall cause charges to be preferred against the person so offending in a court of competent jurisdiction". Now, we all know that no orgaization can hand out any thing; it takes a live human being or machine to do that. But these pre-marked ballots must have the name of the organization(that made the copies) at the top of them. Yes, it is legal to make copies of ballots, but I submit to WWAY, the leaders of any group, our distinguished representatives in Raleigh, and anyone else; that based on NCGS 163 (a-7) and (b) it is not legal to mark that ballot and then a live person give that marked ballot to a voter and tell them to take it into the voting booth and vote exactly the way this ballot is marked.

For those of you who read this, check out NCGS's 163-274(a)(9) and (b); guilty of a class 2 midemeanor. Check out NCGS 163-275 the heading and (2) "Certain acts declared felonies" in fact a Class 1 felony. These NCGS and others spell out why the Bladen County people are getting sick, tired, and fed up with what is going on in our political arena and we are calling for changes. Forget it, you think that we think people are going to come forward and admit to committing misdemeanors and felonies; not when people who are convicted (without a reasonable don't) won't admit to being wrong. We do hope however that people who have been using and have been used by this premarked ballot system, will lay it down, make an informed decision in that voting booth based on their own knowledge of the cndidates, and then vote for the betterment of Bladen County. God save Mother Bladen.


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