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Bladen County Improvement Assocition

The name of this group is misrepresentation at its highest. It should be Bladen County Get "Our" People Elected Committee. The already filled out ballots and Mrs. Blanks as much as admitted in an interview about her life that her soul purpose while she is stil in office is to help as many of "her people" get elected as possible. Notice, not to get in positions the best qualified but "her people". One must admit, she is doing a pretty good job of it: three on the county commission board "maybe more if one considers the "other people" that may be in her corner, the county tax department head, the animal control head, and God only knows nhow many more in DSS. And let's not forget the little escapade in checking out the voting places to see "if she could vote more than once" like it was her responsiblity!!!!!! I thought we had a board of election with the responsiblity of seeing that didn't happened. Thank God she was stopped at the second polling place. And then tried to make like Mr. Hammonds over at the Board Of Elections knew all about it; but he is one of a few that set her straight on that issue from the get go. Way to go Mr. Hammonds. One can only wonder if she would have voted more than once; "she was cleared" by the State investagator. Evidently, it is possible to vote twice in the early voting period because a former mayoral candidate over in Fairmont was chanrged with it; of course he probably got away with it also because he was "one of her people also" at least by his picture in the paper.

Just found out it is legal for an organization to not only make copies of the ballot, but also to mark that ballot and give it to an individual and tell them to vote just the way that ballot is filled out. The only way it would be illegal woould be if an individual went into the voting booth and put a gun to the voters head and made them vote a certain way against their will. Evidently that is the way one of our General Statutes is interpreted by the State Election Board.


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