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What a great solution

Admit overpayments were made.

BUT, if you were overpaid, you do not have to worry about returning the extra money you received which you were not entitled to. I guess all of those who did not receive overpayments will rise up and ask "Where's Mine"?

The Governor will see you through the problem.

Meanwhile, the state will continue to negotiate with the Feds on how to resolve the issue of overpayments with the Feds.

Possible Solutions:

1. In an effort to woo voters, the Feds "write off" the excess payments and say "That's alright; why should you voters suffer due to a government foul up; just remember your Democratic friends at the polls on the 2nd of November". Guess that must mean they crank up the money printing press since the Feds are out of money. Bottom line here is the taxpayers get stuck with the bill. Thanks Bev for letting the taxpayers pick up the tab for another Government screw up.

2. To postpone the inevitable, the Feds agree to allow the $28,000,000 to be deducted from future amounts to be paid to the state for future benefits. That allows the problem to be postponed until after the election. Bottom line is amounts available for future benefits will be reduced thus impacting all benefit recipients. Any receipients want to stand up and say Thanks Governor and ESC Chairperson Holmes? On a positive note, that should allow all benefit recipients to share the pain and not just those who received the excess payments.

3. After losing control of the House and Senate on November 2, a lame duck House and Senate reconvene for a lame duck session. After passing some self serving legislation for all those who failed to be re-elected; and after passing some more give away programs which the Feds do not have the money to fund, they pass a piece of legislation which forgives the overpayment. Bottom Line, the taxpayers take it in the ear again. Thanks Bev and Thanks soon to be out of office Democrats.

The announcement noted there have been computer issues and communication issues. And just as the Governor was embarrassed by the poor performance of the recently departed Revenue Secretary, she gets embarrased by another member of her "Team".

Action Plan:

1. Send Chairperson Holms onto other career opportunities by accepting her hastily written letter of resignation.

2. Send the highly compensated head of data processing and the top 50% of the highly paid programmers onto other career opportunities.

3. Eliminate all of the staff attorney positions.

That should help free up some funds to cover the next hose up.


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