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Let's start from common sense, shall we?

Would you agree that the human body tries to deflect and fight things that are perceived as harmful to its own wellbeing? Unless you're a complete moron, I'm sure you can agree with me on this point. After all...try to pick up something that is scorching hot, and the body immediately tries to free itself from contact. If you're in a body of water, your body will try to keep you afloat so you don't drown. Anyone who has ever attempted to smoke a cigarette has also become intimately familiar with the concept of self-preservation. Inhalation sets off a series of internal safety mechanisms to expel the offending, burning, painful inhaled smoke. To me, that says the body does NOT want to inhale smoke, and it's an innate self-preservation method. Would you not also agree that extensive, long-term smoking does significant damage to the body? Again, unless you're an idiot, you have to agree that SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH. So firsthand or secondhand, doesn't matter: The body wants neither.

A simple google search will show you TONS of research data that proves that smoking is harmful.

I think it's time for you to wave that familiar white flag, Frenchie. Surrender. Your argument is ridiculous.


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