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Did it ever occur to any of you geniuses that the court system, the judges and lawyers, just might know a bit more about what they're doing than you do? Please list where you received your law degrees so we can establish a basis on your knowledge on the subject.

Is it possible that while holding a person's life in the balance and presented with the entire body of evidence, which none of us has seen, that maybe something was missing?

Maybe something was missing like a pattern or a single record of prior issues with the law? Maybe the judge actually took the time to look at how this 60+ year old guy was an established member of the community, having family and friends of his own with no known 'issues', while volunteering hours of time and assistance to schools and churches. How he was a veteran. How he must have come into contact with several hundred children and adolescents while successfully running his school for years without incident. And how he had worked and obtained a Master's Degree and was also a certified marriage counselor, likely to have helped save numerous marriages. Do

All said, he did not admit guilt and the judge accepted the movement for the Alford plea. Now he'll serve time. Could he be guilty - yes. Is he guilty - I'm not the one to judge that and neither are any of you. Again, please list your law credentials before you sit on the sidelines passing judgment on the fate a person's life. Lest you look in a mirror and judge yourself. Try starting there first.


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