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Naughty Naughty

I agree with the starting of the article not being the winner of the "non-biassed award". But in regards to the Alford plea, in our country we have a mulitude of rules and regulations that help put criminals in jail, and there are some that slip through the cracks.

I personally was not there nor did I see the proposed video of the molestations, but looking at the Alford plea from a common sense point of view, It would make sense for me to plea in this regard if there was a preponderance of evidence that could convict me. That is all a decision of self preservation and stigma against any adult who is even suspected of wrong doing.(acurate or not)

But with that being said. I am not foolish enough to put children on my lap and touch inaproprietely,or otherwise. Nor do I rub the lips of any child, or do or act unfavaorbly in any manner in front of or not infront of students parents.(If this is the case)
At the end of the day, he may or may not be guilty of the crimes we did or did not witness, but HE IS GUILTY OF MORAL STUPIDTY IN CREATING A MORE THAN REASONABLE DOUBT AND NOT COVERING HIS A?*!


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