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Mr. Holden knows who is

Mr. Holden knows who is doing these things to him and I know the Brunswick county people stirring this stuff they are very unhappy people and some have charges against them and some have many charges against them and one has 10 dismisals in our wonderful court system. I know this person personally and the go about doing their own thing which is just sitting back and stabbing people in the back, they are living a very said life. Mr Holden knows the New Hanover poeple also...Some of this is caused by election date coming up.

I wish Mr. Holden would post to defend himself but he stated that he was a better MAN and would not and will not get involved. He's been very positive and hes got so many wity sayings " They can't eat you" so what THEY gonna do, nothing...This thing is sooo old..

..There appears to be a leak in WWAY station and things are coming out from someone who knows someone there is talking somewhat.. from what I'm hearing..Peoples names are coming out who turned this in..

Mr. Holden knows who's doing this and elects not to respond. He a person that has changed sooo much its unreal.
I've known him along time, when he knows he's write don't get in his way....And he knows hes right... right now, but not going to react to it. As per him and knowing the lord their time will come and he stated he will get a recliner and 6 pack of Mountian Dew and enjoy the show...LOL

He texed me and said to thank everyone that is supporting him and he said you really know who are your fiends when things get rough.

As he said "The lord will take care of him and the Karma will take them" hes a very shape wity person. Real smart and understands what going on and thats why he turn to God, rehab, couseling and anti alcohol meds..He can't drink no more...

He really made a wonderful turn around...His father gave him some great advice while he was having his problems and it came from a book
you have three Choices..You can get help and turn you life around, you can go to jail or you can kill yourself...Thats the bottom line...I am glad he took the first choice....


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