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Comment on the Holden Case

I am very suprised to hear all the bickering back and forth on this case, but what is even more suprising is that fact no one is using facts in their replies. People are only stating opinions and their own personal frustration against Mr. Holden. It is pretty obvious that there are several girls on here that are extremely jealous that past relationships have not worked out and are out to get Mr. Holden.

I also think that everyone should take a step back and look at themselves...are you perfect? Also, remember what you are doing to a you want your family's name run in the ground like you are doing the Holden's? Also, many people are complaining about the government...did you bother to vote in the election?

Mr. Holden has done everything that he was required to do by law and more, so instead of trying to beat him down, why not build him up. I can not believe the post on here have been so cruel. But once again these are the citizens of Brunswick county speaking without knowing the facts and out of plain ignorance.

Mr. Holden you have alot of things going for you now....don't let these crazy postings pull you down. Remain focused and realize that you do have a great support system and that these people posting are just simply "Brunswick County" people.


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